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The toolbar is no longer compatible with Firefox due to newer versions changing things and the cost of a new version of the software I use to make the toolbar is now to much.

July 2013


Brought upto date for the 2013/2014 season

Removed and cleaned up old links



Added 'Football Ground Map' to the General menu

Added 'Guardian Chalk Board' to the Fixtures and Stats menu

Added 'Back Henry Street' to the Blackpool FC Messageboard menu

August 2010


Added 'Live in Blackpool' to the main Blackpool FC menu

Clicking the main Calendar button now takes you to the calendar page, clicking the little arrow on the button will open it as a pop-up menu. This pop-up window when used in Firefox still shows a JAVA script error.

Fixed the spelling mistake on the Calendar button.

July 2010


Added menu item 'webcam' to show the latest image from the webcam covering the building of the new East stand

Reserves fixture link now points to this years fixtures.

June 2010


Updated ready for the new season, 'Official Sites' menu now has teams in their new leagures for those lucky/unlucky.

Some items tided up on the main Blackpool FC menu. A few new links added to the 'General' menu. Statto, Sporting Intelligence, Two Hundred Percent

A few broken links updated/removed.

'The Seasiders' on the FootyMad network of sites is now known under a name from the past of BFC websites - It's not Orange, it's Tangerine. So links have been renamed.

March 2010


Added 'BFCPool.com' to 'Blackpool FC' menu

Removed links to the 'South Stand' web cam as it is no longer refreshing/


November 2009


Add 'My p2p live sport on your PC' to General menu

Removed links to the Rivals sports network

Moved the link to the Blackpool Gazette to the top of the menu

Added 'Soccer Stats' to the Fixtures,Stats menu

August 2009


Updated link to Reserve fixture list to point to this years and not last years


Added a new prediction league link - Texaco Fantasy Football

Regrouped some items on the main 'Blackpool FC' Menu

Added links to old 'British Pathe' movies featuring Blackpool FC or related to Blackpool. Add to the Radio & Video & Papers menu on the main 'Blackpool FC' menu

Added 'Blackpool Club Badges' to the Blogs menu on the main 'Blackpool FC' menu

May 2009


Fixed the messageboard link to the 'Rivals' Blackpool site


Added new popup menu 'South Stand' to show the latest south stand webcam image. There is also a menu item on the main 'Blackpool FC' menu for going to the webcam image.


Popup 'Calender' added between main 'Blackpool FC' menu and 'Fixtures,Stats' Menu

Auto update/manual update should now work in both IE and Firefox


Auto Update and the manual check for update option will now work in IE, but not currently in Firefox/Mozilla

Updated for 2009/10 season

Added game commentary via justin.tv to main Blackpool FC menu

Added The Seasiders justin.tv account to main Blackpool FC menu

Added The Seasiders Twitter account to main Blackpool FC menu

Added 'Important dates' to Fixtures, Stats menu. This shows England game dates, Carling cup dates, FA cup dates etc.

From the Stats menu when looking at Blackpool crowds, you can also from the menu see a mileage grid and scores grid for the rest of the league.

Added 'Championship Grounds on Google Maps' to Fixtures, Stats menu

Updated a few dead/incorrect links.

Added FR. Damian Feeney's Blogg to the main Blackpool FC menu

Added Tangerine Army to the main Blackpool FC menu

Added Historical Football Kits to the General menu

'Tony's English Football Site' is still linked to, but he will no longer be updating the site due to health issues.


16 June 2008


Update ready for the 2008/2009 season, so all official site links have been updated with who was promoted and relegated.

Added a new menu option between 'Table' and 'Messageboards' called 'Games'. This will contain links to upcoming games, with links to messageboards and any thing else that I can think off for that team.

Hopefully the update version in Firefox will work for future updates.

13 December 2007


IE update toolbar option should work, Firefox users will probably need to uninstall the toolbar and re-install

Toobar background colour should now match the colour scheme of your browser.

Highlighted items are now in tangerine

Removed the RSS feed for the time being.


2nd December 2007

New website layout. No change to toolbar


19th August 2007

   *** Un-install your current version and download the new version as the auto update option is not working ***


Blackpool FC toolbat now has its own domian name -   http://www.bfc-toolbar.co.uk

Fixed a few links that still went to League 1 sites instead of Championship stite.

Added  Blackpool-Mad   to  the Blackpool FC Menu, Messageboard menus etc.

Added link to Blackpool FC Menu to site to buy past Blackpool games on DVD -  http://www.tangerines.co.uk

RSS feed from Blackpool-Mad (only available on IE not Firefox)

Added link on Blackpool FC Menu to the Seasiders Mailing List (new location on Google Groups)

Added link on Blackpool FC Menu to change options for the toolbar that allows you to hide and remove certain links

From the pop-up League Table you can look at previous years and also the crowds at all the BFC games broken down into home and aways fans

13th June 2007

v 1.35

There is now just one download for both Explorer and Firefox

Update all Official links ready for the 2007/2008 Season